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Problem3. Create a game similar to the Turtle Race with additional features (with a timer, buttons to start and restart the race, information about the winner, more advanced stadium layout, etc.)

Step 1: Set up the Environment

Create a new Python script, let’s call it “enhanced_turtle_race.py”.

Step 2: Design the Game Interface

Import the necessary libraries: turtle for graphics, random for random movement, and time for the timer.

Create the game window and set up the turtle racers. You can use turtles to represent the racers and design a more advanced stadium layout.

Add buttons for starting and restarting the race. You can use the Turtle Graphics textinput() function for this.

Step 3: Implement Game Logic and Additional Features

  1. Implement the game logic. Randomly move each turtle forward a bit in each round to simulate their progress. You can use the random library to determine how far each turtle moves.
  2. Add a timer using the time library. Start the timer when the race begins and stop it when a racer reaches the finish line. Display the elapsed time.
  3. Determine the winner and display their information. Keep track of which turtle reaches the finish line first and show their name or number as the winner.

Step 4: Complete the Game

  1. Handle restarting the race when the restart button is clicked. Reset the turtles to their starting positions.
  2. Fine-tune the visuals, add labels, and polish the user interface. You can create a more detailed stadium layout and add visual elements to make the game visually appealing.
  3. Run the game loop to keep the game running until the user decides to exit. Allow the user to close the game window when they’re done playing.

Here’s a sample code outline to get you started:

import turtle
import random
import time

# Create a list of turtle racers
racers = [turtle.Turtle() for _ in range(4)]

# Create a list of racer names or numbers
racer_names = ["Turtle 1", "Turtle 2", "Turtle 3", "Turtle 4"]

# Set up the game window and stadium layout

# Function to move a turtle forward randomly
def move_turtle(turtle):
    distance = random.randint(1, 20)

# Function to start the race
def start_race():
    # Start the timer
    start_time = time.time()

    # Move turtles forward until one reaches the finish line
    while True:
        for i, racer in enumerate(racers):
            if racer.xcor() >= 200:
                end_time = time.time()
                winner = racer_names[i]
                print(f"Winner: {winner}")
                print(f"Time elapsed: {end_time - start_time:.2f} seconds")

# Function to restart the race
def restart_race():
    # Clear the screen and reset turtles
    for racer in racers:

# Set up buttons for starting and restarting the race
start_button = turtle.textinput("Turtle Race", "Press Enter to Start the Race")
restart_button = turtle.textinput("Turtle Race", "Press Enter to Restart the Race")

# Initialize the game
if start_button:

# Allow the user to restart the race
while restart_button:
    restart_button = turtle.textinput("Turtle Race", "Press Enter to Restart the Race")

# Close the game window when done

This code provides a basic framework for an enhanced Turtle Race game. You can expand on it by designing a more advanced stadium, adding graphics, and customizing the game further according to your preferences.

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